*The route may be subject to minor changes.

Comune di Saluzzo, Parco del Monviso, the Montane Unions of Monviso and Valle Varaita, the Valle Po and Varaita mountain catchment area as promoters, the Fondazione Amleto Bertoni as organizing leader, with the technical advice of Carlo Degiovanni and the Valle Varaita Running Associations as leader, Atletica Saluzzo, Podistica Infernotto and Podistica Sanfront, launch a new interval event, international in scope: the sports weekend “Terres Monviso”, an entire weekend dedicated to running around the King of Stone whose main piece will be the 100 Miglia del Monviso, a 166 km ultra trail. A weekend to run with three events and over 160 km of trails for trailers who love new challenges.

The specialty is the long-distance Mountain Running Trail with the ambitious goal of building two side events around it: Monviso Vertical Race and the historic 40 km TMT – Tour Monviso Trail.