M160k EN - 100 Miglia Monviso


*The route may undergo slight changes.​

160 km, 9000 m D+

19 JULY 2024 . 21.00
Saluzzo (CN) - Saluzzo (CN) | Time limit 42 hours

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Definitely the greatest challenge that our territory can offer: 9000 meters of positive difference in altitude that extend over 160 km between Valle Po – Bronda and Valle Varaita, with departure and arrival in the capital of the ancient Marquisate: Saluzzo.
At 9pm on Friday evening the city center will light up to accompany the start of the adventure of hundreds of ultra-runners. The route initially develops on the hills of the Bronda Valley, and then exits the woods arriving at Colle di Gilba, a panoramic crossroads between the Po and Varaita Valleys.
From there Rifugio Bertorello and Pian Munè, then descent to Oncino, passage to Ostana and stop at the first important life base of Crissolo. From here the high mountains begin, 40 km in front of Monviso, passing through the Quintino Sella and Vallanta refuges, a refuge from which you climb again to the Losetta Pass and then begin a long “descent” along the Varaita Valley, passing through a village of incredible charm, Chianale, on a path between Italy and France, to then find the lakeside of Pontechianale, which leads to Casteldelfino and then to Sampeyre, from which you start climbing again towards Meira Paula. After a descent to Brossasco, the last effort up to Santa Cristina di Verzuolo, from which you begin to glimpse the finish line: the center of Saluzzo now seems just a stone’s throw away, and the emotion of the arrival is not far away.


A “Pacer” is defined as a competitor regularly registered in the event who offers his duties as an athlete’s companion for a section of the race course;

A competitor may be accompanied by a Pacer only and exclusively from the Casteldelfino Life Base (km 100), Sampeyre (km 117) or the Brossasco Life Base (km 140) onwards, up to the finish line;

The Pacer must regularly register as such, paying the relevant fee. The same registration rules apply as for a competitor to the 100 Miglia Monviso, therefore being in possession of a regular medical certificate, being of age, having a membership in Fidal, EPS or Runcard, etc. The Pacer will be in possession of a regular bib, differentiated and clearly distinguishable from the others, and matched to the bib of the competing athlete;

A Pacer will absolutely not be able to bring food, water, clothing, material of any kind on behalf of the accompanied athlete. He will be able to precede or follow the latter on the path but without providing any kind of mechanical or physical assistance.

A Pacer will not be able to proceed alone on the race course but only and always together with his athlete. If the latter withdraws, the Pacer can proceed only and exclusively in the event that another athlete requests to be accompanied from that point forward.

Only one Pacer is allowed for each competitor, you cannot be accompanied by more than one Pacer.

Pacers are entitled to refreshments just like other athletes. They can also help the accompanied athlete in refilling water bottles or refueling food, but these operations must not speed up the athlete’s refueling process (example: the Pacer and the athlete must enter and exit the refreshment area together, it is not allowed for the Pacer to enter first to prepare the refreshment or exit after to complete the operations);

The Pacer will not be included in any ranking;

The Pacer has a very important role for the accompanied athlete, a purely psychological and moral support role.