M20k EN - 100 Miglia Monviso


20 km, 1000 m D+

21nd JULY 2023
Brossasco (CN) - Saluzzo (CN) | Time Limit 5 hours

What was missing from the 100MM? A short race that would also give the opportunity to those who have only a few kilometers in their legs, or little time, to be part of the “big family” of the 100. This is why we invented it and Sunday morning will still be a party, again a start, one more arrival. 20 km and approximately 1000 meters of altitude difference from Brossasco to Saluzzo passing through Isasca, San Bernardo del Vecchio and Santa Cristina. A journey through an ancient forest, between churches and hills, ending with 5 km that immerse you in the Italy of the 1500s, in a Marquisate whose beauty is today valued and protected on a daily basis.