M45k EN - 100 Miglia Monviso


*The route may undergo slight changes.​

45 km, 2000 m D+

20 JULY 2024 . 11.00
Sampeyre (CN) - Saluzzo (CN) | Time Limit 12 hours

Gaia Gps app needed on mobile


Saluzzo autostazione 09.05 – Sampeyre 10.10

Saluzzo autostazione 18 – Sampeyre 19.05
Saluzzo autostazione 19.35 – Sampeyre 20.35

From the Saluzzo village to Sampeyre starting from 15.30

The big news of the 2023 edition was a new intermediate distance race, for those who want to gradually approach the 100 Miles, or for those who are training for other challenges of the year. This race, however, has an entirely Terres Monviso characteristic: one year it starts from Paesana (Valle Po), one year from Sampeyre (Valle Varaita). One year 60k, one year 45k. In short, we change yes, but always in the continuity of the paths signed 100MM.
45 km and approximately 2000 meters of difference in altitude to make the most of the lower part of the 100 Miglia Monviso: departure from the center of Sampeyre, a center which with its beautiful square crossed by the 100 MM “path” lends itself to a starting point. From here the climb towards Meira Paola and then up to the watershed crest between the two valleys. You run towards Colle del Prete, then, having reached the summit of Monte Ricordine, for the last 30 km of the race, you continue through Brossasco, Isasca, San Bernardo del Vecchio and Santa Cristina, to also reach the party that awaits them at finish line in the center of Saluzzo.