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“Duilio had the face of the great sage, one who has experienced many adventures of this type in his long career as a tough sportsman. His wisdom had advised him to be cautious and a lot of perplexity to be part of the adventure but then the passion and desire to give his contribution to the need prevailed. He and his companions sitting at the bar sipped their last beer waiting for the fateful hour to come. I observed them and thought of the enthusiasm with which they had joined the project and the courage to be there despite the announcement of two days, with their night, meteorologically demanding. Athletes with no “name” but connoisseurs of the efforts necessary for these enterprises.

A little further on, the press was chasing the athletes who had achieved, over time and with merit, the fame of Champions. Other athletes were unknown to me except in the names indicated by Sensacugnisiun in name and in fact: I will never thank him enough for letting me enter this world. An unwitting smile that escaped from the confines of the face inhabited Omar’s face surrounded by some companions and, above all, companions in adventure from which a cheerful chatter emerged, unaware of the great effort lurking. Only Alexander had endowed his eyes with the expression appropriate to the tiring appointment. There were all the institutional protagonists gathered under the roof of Terres Monviso who conceived the company and the sponsor, Bio Doc, who supported it. And to say that for the organization it had to be simply a number zero, a test to be done quietly because … will we then be able to do it seriously?

Speeches, information and group photos to bless the screamed event, albeit at a low volume, to the four winds and then the start with guaranteed social distancing, if not by the public force by the different athletic strength of the protagonists. Two worries inhabited my thoughts, in order: how hot it is! And will it be reported sufficiently thereafter?

I abandon the “location” of the departure and go up to Pian Munè to check that everything works: Marta and Valter are a “war machine” and leave nothing to chance. The lights of the coveted refreshment can be seen from Bric La Piata in the impending night. After 4 hours and 5 minutes from the start, the front panels of Marco, Paolo and Franco illuminate the refreshment area where Andrea does his best to welcome kindnesses at least as much as the libations made available. Fatigue does not yet mark the expression of the pioneers who come to groups with little detachment. Some silent and others vociferous with a prevalence of a soprano frequency. Duilio greets his fellow adventurers Renzo and Giovanni: he had had the right (negative) sensations in the previous days but … every single step and every drop of sweat is useful for the cause and so, why not be there? For the others, the adventure continues.

A first alarm comes from the direction of Wedosport which signals two satellite detectors out of the way and identified in Paesana! The danger ceases immediately when it is reported that Elisa and Virginia communicated at the start that they would only cover some sections and at that moment they were at Elisa’s house to take a first shower: fortunately the Trackers used were not equipped with a camera!

After the passage of Roberto and Simone (7 hours and 20 minutes), surprisingly fast also due to the impossibility of identifying garbage on the path due to the darkness at night, I move to the “life base” of Ostana. In the meantime, I hear that in Borgata Serre di Oncino an unorganized or even planned group of local “Mappets” is celebrating the transits to the sound of cowbells offering, but above all, drinking the nectar that generates philosophy and makes the nights light. Great !!! I think how great it would be if all the Alpine villages followed their example!

I arrive in Ostana well after the passage of Marco and Paolo (they passed after 6 hours and 56 minutes) and they tell me that Franco has had to leave. He recently set a new record on Monte Rosa and the legs of the Champions also need recovery and rest.

However, I am in time to follow the other transits: the heat and humidity of the night are really oppressive and the faces of Gianluca and Massimo when they reach the base after 8 hours and 45 minutes clearly testify to this. An hour goes by and Marina and Daniela’s soft step crosses the threshold of the “location”. Nicola awaits them, a capable masseur who tries to give relief to travelers with wise maneuvers on the backs, buttocks, legs and anything else the human body can offer. I am struck by how by massaging the muscles he understood that there was dehydration and it was necessary to drink …

Omar’s overflowing smile comes 5 minutes later but the expression is a bit like this: it will seem strange but the cold advises him to lie down and cover himself to recover. A few minutes and Mirko arrives in the company of Gianluca the other. I understand that this sport generates solidarity and creates new friendships. Speaking of couples: after 11 hours and 30 minutes a shouting with a prevalent soprana frequency announces the arrival of Maddy and Daniele. The masseur continues his pious work and Josè procures other cots for the proper rest of the wayfarers. Silvia and the children Davide, Antonio, Giorgio and Alice watch vociferous and thoughtful. Alessandro arrives alone after 11 hours and 35 minutes, preceding Renzo and Giovanni by 10 minutes. Just a little later and after 12 hours Roberto and Simone arrive: despite the darkness some waste has been collected and is placed on a bench. Solerte Josè would like to provide for the differentiated disposal but Roberto stops him to testify, through a capable photo, of the (meager) booty.

The cots “entice” the group intent on recovering their strength. Silence falls in the life base. I notice that Giovanni’s rest is disturbed by the badly positioned blanket and, with a maternal gesture, I tuck everything up. The August night is poetic. The full moon illuminates the summit of the stone King and everything is magic … only that shouting with a prevalent soprana frequency sometimes bursts to awaken the stillness.

Dawn is about to break and the group, in no particular order, resumes their journey. Alessandro points out to me, with his eyes and words, his difficulty in continuing. “Take me to Saluzzo where I have my car”. The face is really tired and not only that. I agree to the invitation and load his backpack into the car then … the twist. The call of the forest advises him to continue and, having recovered his backpack, he sets off again.

Solitary I face the journey to Casteldelfino where another life base is planned. The car sometimes swerves to signal that a stop for sleep would not be out of place for me too, however … the athletes await me and for them the effort is greater than mine.

I reach the destination with a large margin to think about the evolution of the test. The internet is precarious and it is not possible to follow Wedosport Live easily. Moreover, Trackers find it difficult to report the position due to the rocky walls that characterize the upper part of the Monviso tour. They all seem to have stopped at Buco di Viso but… it is not like that.

After 14 hours and 35 minutes Marco arrives. He points out some difficulty in identifying the track at Grange Gheit and this causes me some concern. We have provided GPX and Road Map but… the routes are never sufficiently marked! Fatigue makes everything more difficult. He continues accompanied by two athletes from the Varaita Valley Running with the task of indicating the right way. Let’s try to give them some tape to apply here and there…

Paolo giunge dopo 20 minuti e racconta di una profonda crisi passata sulla salita a Buco di Viso. Si misura per la prima volta in questa disciplina densa di incognite per lui. L’incontro con Marco, Monica e Pier in quota gli ha ridato energie e pare rinfrancato. Il sorriso c’è in un volto scavato di fatica. Prosegue sperando che anche per lui ci sia un Angelo Custode che lo guidi per sentieri sconosciuti.

Alessandro ha dovuto arrendersi a Crissolo dopo avere tentato l’impossibile. Intanto Omar segnala il suo ritiro che avviene a Grange Gheit. Giunge alla base vita dispiaciuto ma il sorriso non abbandona il suo volto: il caldo e l’umidità sono avversari aggiuntivi e peggiori dei 165 chilometri e

Paolo arrives after 20 minutes and tells of a profound crisis on the climb to Buco di Viso. He is measured for the first time in this discipline full of unknowns for him. The meeting with Marco, Monica and Pier at high altitude gave him back his energy and he seems refreshed. There is a smile in a face hollowed out with fatigue. He continues hoping that for him too there is a Guardian Angel who will guide him along unknown paths.

Alessandro had to surrender to Crissolo after trying the impossible. Meanwhile, Omar reports his retirement which takes place in Grange Gheit. He arrives at the base of life sadly but the smile does not leave his face: heat and humidity are additional and worse adversaries than the 165 kilometers and 7500 meters of altitude difference!

It is Massimo who passes the life base after 17 hours and 38 minutes: only for those like me it is a surprise, in that world he boasts a reputation as a great athlete, resistant and fast.

Gianluca “Sensacugnisiun” takes 19 hours and 15 minutes. It is he who built the team of specialists. A point of reference for the sector but also for him it is the moment of the wise decision to leave.

After 20 hours and 25 minutes, the female couple Marina and Daniela appear on the steps leading to the stop. Experience to sell for the two champions who, having reinstated their strength, continue the good path.

The fragmented news reaching Casteldelfino indicates the retreats of Renzo, Giovanni and Roberto in Buco di Viso. The heat up to high altitudes determines situations that wisely recommend abandonment.

20 hours and 50 minutes have passed since the start when Mirko and Gianluca (the other) arrive. The first wishes the second good continuation and wisely decides to put an end to his test. Awareness, together with strength and endurance are the indispensable tools of the trade.

I spend my time chatting amiably with Alberto, none other than the Mayor of Casteldelfino, and the revived Omar and together we plan the future of the national Uisp and of the entire Varaita Valley … meanwhile, three “pious women”, Claudia, Gabriella and Michela, are begging for news about their loves still scattered in the mountains between Vallanta and Grange Gheit: we just have to wait!

I’m sleepy and even the chrono has run out of batteries. I try a nap but a shouting with prevalent soprana frequency announces the arrival of a pair of athletes, or rather, of a single athlete as Daniele has put an end to his suffering at the Vallanta Refuge. How will she talk even if she is alone? She arrives, lively as Maddy had never raced and is determined to continue the adventure. He tells me about the Maremmano who in Bagnur craved his buttocks… the beast’s fine palate! I look at her and it is difficult for me to tell her that for safety reasons we would not have let her continue, especially in solitude, for another 15/16 hours of walking. You understand, Maddy and that consoles me. His voice with prevalent soprana frequency will keep me company until Simone arrives, he too can continue but stopped by my invitation and the pleading gaze of Roberta, the mother. Roberto, the father, after having recovered, would have liked to accompany him in the (long) final part but… of “Sensacugnisiun” we already have one. Enough and, “fuck a lot”, advance!

It is time, also for me, to go home not without reading the messages of the group following the evolution of the situation: on the road I find, via Daniele, the retreat of Daniela and Marina at Colle del Prete, the solitary arrival of Marco in Saluzzo after 23 hours and 30 minutes. Paolo too tastes the flavor of his personal success after 25 hours and 40 minutes. Massimo skilfully managed his undoubted qualities, sanctioned by the third position, when 28 hours and 54 minutes had passed since his departure at 5.15 pm the previous day.

Only of Forrest Gump Gianluca (the other) I had no news. I knew of his wandering around the Colle del Prete, of his encounter with the refreshing rain but also of his stubbornness in wanting to arrive. Giorgio and Gianfranco were his guardian angels in the final kilometers: he waited for him, supported and accompanied him until after 34 hours and 40 minutes the capital of the Marquisate welcomed him in his arms. This, however, I discovered the next morning: sleep won me over!

Characters and interpreters of the story (in order of appearance)

Leading actors: Duilio Chiri, Sensacugnisiun Gianluca Barbero, Omar Riccardi, Alessandro Nibbio, Marco De Gasperi, Paolo Bert, Franco Collè, Renzo Paschetto, Giovanni Poetto, Elisa Desco, Virginia Turini, Roberto Cavallo, Simone Cavallo, Massimo Vanzetti, Marina Plavan, Daniela Bonnet, Rossetti Mirko, Forrest Gump Gianluca (the other) Bertolotti, Maddy Maddalena Lanzilotti and Daniele Giacalone.

Shoulders and extras: Marta Nicolino, Valter Bossa, Andrea Pilone, Nicola Bellini, Josè Berdugo, Silvia Rovere, the little ones Davide, Antonio, Giorgio and Alice, Alberto Anello, Claudia Provenza, Gabriella Guglielmi, Michela Ruzza, Daniele Catalin, Giorgio Pelissero and Gianfranco Marengo.

Directed by Alberto Dellacroce


Terres Monviso.
The challenge won!

Thank you very much. For the welcome at every restaurant and meeting point. For your patience. For the passion that each of the team has put into it. Great organization … See you next year”

“Thank you for organizing this beautiful race, thanks to all the people who did their utmost on the course, a special thanks to the people who organized that special refreshment in the small hamlet in S.Anna di Bellino with enthusiastic cheers, bells, etc. ..etc…”

These are things that are priceless!

These are just two of the many messages received by the organization in the hours immediately following the sports weekend that has just ended. They testify to the energy and passion of a territory, one of its most beautiful postcards: this is the 100 MIGLIA DEL MONVISO.

Of the foot race, an entire weekend of tourism promotion through sport, will remain the beauty of the routes, the technical features, the professionalism of the 4 Running Associations involved, the numbers of the race and the record times or “belly of the group” scored by the judges. ,

but above all the names of the villages, of the refreshment points, of the refuges, of the volunteers, of the bodies capable of uniting, beyond any color and political orientation, will remain engraved to tell and promote territory, sport, production sector.

The effort was great, but the result surpasses it. This is the spirit of the communities of the MONVISO TERRES, a project that for years has left the individual in the background to tell the whole, or rather, which promotes the “best” of each in order to describe the beauty of the whole.

The Terre del Monviso are 6 alpine valleys and a plain that borders them. Our athletes from Piedmont, Lombardy, Abruzzo, Liguria, Veneto or Argentina will have all this in mind: the party at the Refuge, the village lit up in the night, the lights, similar to ancient bonfires, which indicate the next stage.

The race itself was a mixture of competitive spirit, adventure and even transcendence that left indelible memories in the minds of the 157 protagonists (178 entrants): the exploit of Paolo Bert and the striking 5th absolute position of the Spanish champion Trigueros Garrote are certainly the most relevant technical data in the queen test of the Terres Monviso sports weekend.

The 160.934 km route, to remain faithful to 100 miles, with departure and arrival in Piazza Cavour in Saluzzo, was characterized by the fastest initial part (about 70 km) and then assumed more accentuated technical characteristics with the climb to an altitude of 2700 meters. The final stretch returned to milder slopes but put a strain on the stamina of the protagonists in the race.

Paolo Bert, takes the lead from the start and maintains the first position up beyond the 70th km; the high mountains, which are usually his friends, put him in difficulty and he is forced to take rest breaks. Fabio Di Giacomo is found on him, a strong athlete from Varese who specializes in the very long efforts model Tor des Geants who takes the lead and accumulates up to 40 minutes ahead. At the San Chiaffredo pass materializes the “awakening” of the champion who in the downhill stretch to Casteldelfino recovers 20 minutes to hang up the tread at Colle del Prete about 30 km from the finish. In the final stretch, the resistance of the champion from Valle Infernotto emerges, who finishes alone in 23.46.47 ”. The Varese athlete Fabio di Giacomo (Runners Valbossa Eolo Kratos Team) firmly holds the second position closing in 24.35.41.

Piero Bello (Pod. Valle Varaita 25.55.28 “), Roberto Camperi (Pam Mondovì 26.41.26”) and Massimo Vanzetti (Atl. Racconigi 26.52.22 “) complete the” top five “

Worth noting is the much anticipated exploit of Silvia Trigueros Garrote (Team Land Scarpa), already winner of two editions of the Tor des Geants. The Basque athlete achieved the first position in the women’s race (26.46.54 “) after a race always led in the lead but, above all, with her 5th place overall, she demonstrated how the female category is now lining up with the best male performance! The female “top five” includes the second position of Angrognina Daniela Bonnet (33.31.56 “) and followed by Isabella Vidili (Atl. Valpellice 35.51.37”), Maddalena Lanzilotti (Pod. Turin 37.56.58 “) and Michela Ruzza ( Interforze Torino 37.56.59 “).

The Monviso Trail Tour had as its new location the town of Pontechianale, in the upper Varaita Valley. The track measured about 41 km in length and was equipped with 2600 meters of positive altitude obviously in the presence of the Monviso. Bernard Dematteis (Sportifications) was the absolute protagonist finishing arms to the sky in 4.18.59 ”.

The inevitable twin Martin, who shared the effort paired for the entire course to finish just 6 seconds after the winner, supported him in the enterprise. The splendid performance of Marco Bergo (Pod. Valle Infernotto) earned him a prestigious third position less than 5 minutes from the pair of phenomenal champions of the Varaita Valley.

The dominance of Elisa Desco (Alta Valltellina – Scarpa – 5.04.47 “) characterized the female race. The local athlete (Paesana) residing in Bormio confirmed his immense athletic qualities at home for the first time after having achieved prestigious victories in the national and international fields.

To complete the podium Marina Cugnetto (Atl. Saluzzo 5.17.48 “) and Laura Barale (Team Ultrataaac 5.50.32”).

The test for fans of short but intense efforts took place in Crissolo: the Monviso Vertical Race.

Excellent quality in both the male and female category. Among the women, the multiple world champion in Mountain Running Lucy Wanbui Murigi (46’05 “), Kenyan athlete of Atletica Saluzzo, prevailed. The ski mountaineering specialist Ilaria Veronese (Giò 22 Rivera – Team Scarpa 47’24 “) climbed to the second step of the podium. To close the Olympic podium Elisabetta Piacenza (Atl. Cafasse) climbed to the finish line in Ghincia Pastur in 52’19 “.

The men’s competition centered on the performance of three extreme climbing specialists. The “national” Andrea Rostan (Atl. Saluzzo) prevailed with a stratospheric time of 36’20 “. Gianluca Ghiano (Tornado Team Brooks), the youngest of the three, reached 40’07 “while the more experienced Davide Preve (Roata Chiusani 41’45”) collected a prestigious third place.

500 total protagonists of the Saluzzo adventure. There will be space and time to grow for an event destined to become the Piedmontese proposal for lovers of long distances. Monviso awaits the next editions.

Now, here are the rankings and the due thanks to all those who made the event possible.


100 Miglia Monviso – Men

  1. Bert Paolo (Pod. Valle Infernotto)
  2. Di Giacomo Fabio (Runners Valbossa-Azzate)
  3. Bello Piero (Podistica Valle Varaita)
  4. Camperi Roberto (Pam Mondovì-Chiusa Pesio)
  5. Vanzetti Massimo (Atletica Racconigi)
  6. Locatelli Ernesto (GS Orobie) e Guerini Luca (Bione Trailers Team)
  7. Maurino Luca (Runcard)
  8. Migliore Alessandro (Ccr Sport Alpini Trofarello)
  9. Palin Luca (Pod Valle Infernotto)
  10. Gonella Davide (Pod Valle Varaita)

100 Miglia Monviso – Women

  1. Trigueros Garrote Silvia Ainhoa (Team Land – Scarpa)
  2. Bonnet Daniela (Sport Club Angrogna)
  3. Vidili Isabella (Asd Baudenasca)
  4. Lanzilotti Maddalena (Podistica Torino)
  5. Ruzza Michela (Interforze Torino)

Tour Monviso Trail – Men

  1. Dematteis Bernard (Sportification)
  2. Dematteis Martin (Sportification)
  3. Bergo Marco (Pod Valle Infernotto)
  4. Macellaro Alessandro (Pod Torino)
  5. Pigoni Matteo (Team Mud & Sport)
  6. Dola Michael (Team Scarpa)
  7. Calandri Daniele (Inrun)
  8. Chiri Alex (Sport Club Angrogna)
  9. Casatori Lorenzo (Le Panche Castelquarto)
  10. Bongioanni Fabrizio (Team Marguareis)

Tour Monviso Trail – Women

  1. Desco Elisa (Atl Alta Valtellina – Scarpa)
  2. Cugnetto Marina (Atletica Saluzzo – Montagna Exprit)
  3. Barale Laura (Ultra Taaaac Team)
  4. Dalmasso Monica (Pod Valvermenagna Buzzi)
  5. Canino Raffaella (Runcard)
  6. Piasentin Simona (Runcard)
  7. Frittoli Marta (Alzaia Naviglio Runners)
  8. Occhiena Silvia (Rensen Sport Team)
  9. Lazar Loredana (Vigonechecorre)
  10. Ferrarini Lucia (Marathon Verbania)

Monviso Vertical Race – Men

  1. Rostan Andrea (Atletica Saluzzo – La Sportiva)
  2. Ghiano Gianluca (Tornado – Team Brooks)
  3. Preve Davide (Atletica Roata Chiusani)
  4. Girodo Simone (Point Saint Martin)
  5. Civallero Lorenzo (Atletica Saluzzo)
  6. Borra Ismael (Atl Fossano ‘75)
  7. Bouchard Nicholas (Atletica Saluzzo)
  8. Vota Stefano (Atl Susa Adriano Aschieris)
  9. Beitone Luca Paul (Pod Valle Varaita)
  10. Veronese Luciano (Atletica Gio’ 22 Rivera)

Monviso Vertical Race – Women

  1. Murigi Lucy Wambui (Atletica Saluzzo)
  2. Veronese Ilaria (Atletica Gio’ 22 Rivera – Team Scarpa)
  3. Piacenza Elisabetta (Unione sport. Atletica Cafasse)
  4. Domard Nicole Alessandra (Atletica Saluzzo)
  5. Delpiano Serena (Pod. Valle Varaita)
  6. Moschetti Linda (Runcard)
  7. Sereno Giulia (Valtanaro)
  8. Vignani Paola (Atletica 85 Faenza)
  9. Bianco Elisa (Atl. Susa Adriano Aschieris)
  10. Sidoti Rosina (Atletica Canavesana)


Comune di Saluzzo

Parco del Monviso

Unione Montana dei comuni del Monviso

Bacino Imbrifero Montano (BIM) del Po

Unione Montana Valle Varaita

Bacino Imbrifero Montano (BIM) del Varaita


Sponsored by:

Regione Piemonte

Terres Monviso

Saluzzo Monviso 2024 (città candidata capitale italiana della cultura)


Organized by:
Fondazione Amleto Bertoni


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Atletica Sanfront


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